The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. manufactures vacuum switches which are suitably interchangeable with Joslyn Hi-Voltage’s vacuum switches of the same rating.  The Joslyn designations VBM*, VBT*, and VBU* are abbreviations for the descriptive phrases vacuum breaker miniature, vacuum breaker transformer, and vacuum breaker up-right, respectively.  The Vacuum Electric Switch Co.’s switches and parts are of its own design and methods of manufacturer which may not be the same as employed by Joslyn.  Where product performance is reported, it is from testing of Vacuum Electric Switch Co.’s products and is not necessarily indicative of the performance of comparable products wholly manufactured by Joslyn.  The Vacuum Electric Switch Co. is not endorsed or associated with the Joslyn Hi-Voltage Corp. or any of its affiliates.

* VBM, VBU, and VBT are trademarks of the Joslyn Holding Co.