Inspection, Testing, and Adjustment of Switches

  1. Begin the inspection by recording the switch nameplate and module data.  Make copies of the sample forms shown on pages 29 and 30 to aid in recording this data.
  2. Close the switch and measure the resistance of all modules using a micro-ohm meter.
  3. Open the switch and hi-pot each module using a 30 kV ac hi-pot and record the leakage current at 30 kV.
  4. When doing work on switches, use the bolt torque values shown on page 28. Torque wrenches and tools for this purpose are contained in the tool kit shown on page 16.
  5. Invert the switch, remove the switch cover, and place the switch in the closed position as shown in figure 1.  Place a paper towel or rag in the space between the insulator and pull rod to prevent objects from accidentally falling into the module.
  6. Measure and adjust the link angle as shown below.  Note that the allowable link angles on switches with regular and double stack modules are different as shown on the inspection record sheets.
  7. Measure and adjust the full travel figure 5.

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