Alternate Terminal Pad Arrangements

Switch Information

15 kV, 600 A, 3 Pole, Switch

3 POLE 110-150 15 600 SOLENOID 120 VAC 1001057 1001055G1
3 POLE 110-150 15 600 15 PIN MOTOR 48 VDC/120 VAC 1001057 1002520G1
3 POLE 110-150 15 600 15 PIN MOTOR 125 VDC 1001057 1002520G2
3 POLE 110-150 15 600 35 PIN MOTOR 48 VDC/120 VAC 1001057 1003308G1
3 POLE 110-150 15 600 35 PIN MOTOR 125 VDC 1001057 1003308G2


The common uses of this switch are sectionalizing and arc furnace or capacitor bank switching.  This switch may have either a motor or solenoid operated mechanism.  These two mechanisms differ in the complexity of the required control systems, control current demand, available operating voltages, mechanical life, and the precision of the timing of switch contact closing.

Motor operated switches are used for capacitor bank switching and sectionalizing but not arc furnace switching.  They can have simple control systems since control current demand is less than six amperes.  The motor mechanism cannot be used where simultaneous contact closure in more than one switch is required.  The motor mechanism has a limited life of about 30,000 operations which is much less that the more than 200,000 operations achievable by a solenoid mechanism.  Motor operated switches with 15 or 35 pin connectors have two each form A (e.g. normal open) and B (e.g. normal closed) or six each form A and B contacts respectively.  A common error which may damage the motor operator is to connect it to the wrong control voltage.  A switch’s control voltage can be determined by examining its relay panel.  Relay panels are shown starting on page 36 in the downloadable catalog. Repair parts for this switch are found beginning here and for the motor mechanism beginning here.

Common uses of the solenoid operated switch are both capacitor and also arc furnace switching.  Uncommonly, two or more of these switches may be used along with three resistor modules to form a resistor insertion switch.  The solenoid operated switch can be operated with three modules connected in parallel.  Each module’s  current rating is de-rated to 500 A  when connected in parallel for a total current of 1500 A.  Three separate switches are then required to make a three phase set.  Solenoid operated switches have one form A (e.g. normal open) and one form B (e.g. normal closed) contact. The solenoid operator requires a more elaborate control because each solenoid requires a current in the range of 60 to 65 amperes peak for 1-1/2 cycles.  The requirement for a large current source can be overcome by using a stored energy control shown here. The controls for arc furnace switching are shown starting here. The resistor module for building a resistor insertion switch is shown here.

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